cruelty free

Today we volunteered for a couple of hours in the Free the Bears stall at the Cruelty Free Festival.  I was surprised bf said yes when I asked him to come with me.

Ive supported Free the Bears for a little while.  Bears are so cute, but so are cats, bunnies, ducks and so many more.  They have meetings on some Saturdays, but Ive always been to scared to go by myself because I dont know anyone there, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to meet some of the people that go.

There was heaps of people there.  Animals lovers seem to be quite friendly.

We had a Morrocon bean pie from Funky Pies.  It had a mixture of different beans in a Moroccon style sauce and a really yummy pastry. They make vegan, gluten free & dairy free pies.

We did some grocery shopping and now bf has gone to birthday drink for a friend.  I wanted to stay at home, so I could do some stuff at home (housework) and chill with the kitties.

I came home to a nice fur ball on the bed.  I think compliments of Morpheus.  Bleck!

So now to chill for a bit with a cup of hot green tea with Morpheus on my lap and watch something on my laptop before the domestics begin.

Hope youre all having a great weekend.


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