todays the day

I set the alarm for 8am, got up and had some cereal and a tea.  I faffed about on my laptop for a bit and then heard bf get up.  I asked him what time he wanted to go and he said whenever you want.  Still grumpy.  I felt flat.

We left home about 9am and went to fencing.

The longer I was there and after a couple of people I knew turned up and we chatted, I started to feel better.

In the first pool, which seeded us.  bf was 2nd and I was 8th out of 18 people!  I couldnt believe it.

I didnt win the tournament and bf didnt either because he twisted his foot and couldnt complete his bout.

We stayed to watch until the end to see who won.  It was good to watch.

So yes, I was worried about nothing, but hey, that’s me.  I worry and am not used to competing, let along being in front of groups of people.

So alls well that ends well.

I wasnt very happy with the lack of support from bf.  But I should be that surprised.  He has a problem with grumpiness.

Later that day we met up with a group of friends for dinner.  We went to Beach Burrito (Mexican) in Newtown for dinner.  Some sangria, mexican beer and yummy Mexican food.

Mexican is not something I would eat often, but it was really good and filling.

They had some 1800 tequila (my favourite), but it was a school night, so I didnt.  AND it was $12.00 a shot!


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