a trip to the vet

We had to take the kitties to the vet on Tuesday night for their annual check up and vaccinations.

I dont like taking them to the vet, especially Neo because he fears it so much since his operation.  I dont blame him.  Before the operation he never liked going, but he didnt fear it like he does now.  My poor baby.

As soon as Morpheus was put in the car in the cat box, he let out a couple of loud, mournful meows. 😦

We only have one cat box, so I was holding Neo in my lap in a blanket.

While we were waiting we patted the kitties in the cat boxes to help them relax.

When we went in, Morpheus was first.  He had his checkup and then the vet went out the back to get the vaccine.

While she was out there Morpheus came and sat on the table in front of me and laid down, so I held him and patted him until the vet came back.

The vet did Neo’s checkup and then had to go out the back to get the blood pressure machine.  I held Neo in my lap and when she got back, so she took his blood pressure, which was a bit high, checked his eyes (to check for thyroid issues) and gave him his vaccination, all while he was in my lap.  He was much calmer and the vet said when we go back next week to get his blood pressure rechecked we should do the same.

It is moments like this, that the kitties show me how much they love me, which gives me the warm and fuzzies. 🙂


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