fencing nightmare

Tonight’s fencing was awful.
I was fine until I was advised I had to practice with one of the more experienced guys.
Any confidence I do have, I felt it literally suck itself out of me in seconds.
I generally don’t have a lot of confidence and don’t like being the centre of attention. I’ve also not competed in anything since high school.
After practicing with a couple of the guys badly we had to have a two team bout.
I had thoughts of wishing I could shoot myself in the head or walking into the traffic i could hear outside. I fenced badly.
I now feel like crap and don’t know if I can compete on Sunday, which means i can’t go to the next level with bf.
Confidence is my biggest issue I am told in the fencing, not the technique. Technique you can fix. Confidence not much.


6 thoughts on “fencing nightmare

  1. Confidence can be improved, if you enjoy fencing, try and concentrate on that and not the fear/anxiety, and the more you practice the more confident you will feel. Wishing you luck, and I hope you have a better session next time xx

  2. Everyone has to start somewhere. The more ou practice the better you will get – stay calm and focussed and try not to worry about what other people think 😉

  3. Building confidence … like getting better at fencing … takes practice. It might take a while. But … baby steps. Soon … your fencing .. and confidence … will get better.

  4. Hi Kat! ..I agree with katikins..baby steps.. you can do this!!
    Think of it as if your in love with this guy…his honor has been questioned and your dueling to regain it..just like the olden days. *smiling*
    Your his knight in shining armor xxxxxxxxxx

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