its been a week with one step backward

since I last posted.  I didnt realise until I had a look.

Not much has been happening really.

I took a step backwards again this week.

After the hairdressers on Wednesday, we met up with a friend for our ritual dinner at Pastizzi Cafe after the hairdressers.  We dont usually drink when we go there because it is a school night.  Our friend brought wine and after dinner we went to Bench, which is a small bar and had a glass of wine.  I, by this time was a little merry.

When we got home I had some more wine and hit that point where I want to get wasted, so had some weed as well.

I was in bed by about 11pm.  The next day I was twitchy and anxious.  I didnt have a hangover, but felt like crap.  I was feeling very low and weepy.  This resulted in two days off work 😦

Im feeling OK today.  Clearly, I need to avoid alcohol during the week and when I do drink on the weekends, need to be very careful.

bf and I have decided that mixing weed with my medication is not a good idea anymore.

I dont feel good about missing work.  Ive been doing OK with no days off work lately and been feeling a bit better than usual.

I wish I knew what has changed from being the person who never gets drunk to the person who wants to get wasted.  I dont like it.

A quiet weekend for us this weekend.

We are going to a turkish place for brekky tomorrow for something knew to try and then fencing later, due to missing it on Thursday.

And then it will be Monday and back to work.

And that is life…


4 thoughts on “its been a week with one step backward

  1. Drinking and smoking! ..not a good combo!
    I’m a binge drinker as I’ve said before. I drink to cover how I’m really feeling!
    People that know me are used to seeing me happy whilst I’m drinking.*smiles*
    But its all fake!!! Inside I’m a mess…so I drink even more! *yelp!!*..not good!
    Loads of time I feel like screaming out, “Can’t you all see I’m a frigging mess?” x
    Hiding the truth I’m REALLY good at!! xxx

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