Last night I didnt go to bed until about 1.30am.  I was watching a music video TV show and reading blogs.

Whenever I got up, I got really dizzy and eventually was getting zaps from behind my left eye to the top of my head (on the inside).

It took a few times for this to happen and when I went to bed I realised I forgot to take my medication.

The zaps started to get more intense, so the anxiety set in.  When I get anxious I scratch my neck and my sides from the bottom of the ribs and my waist.

I went back to bed thinking it would go away if I went to sleep, but then thought if I left it any longer, by the time I got up in the morning I would be feeling much worse.

So  I had to get up again and I had to take 15mg of Valium and the medication I missed and then went back to bed again.

After a half an hour or so, I was still anxious and couldnt sleep, so took another 15mg of Valium.

Because I have been on it for years, it takes more to actually kick in.

I finally got to sleep about 2.30am ish and woke up around 9,30am because Neo wanted to snuggle and get a belly rub.

So now I was awake, so decided to get up when the  belly rub and snuggle was finished.

Had a cuppa, read some blogs and got read to go out with bf.

We went to replenish my drugs, did a little shopping and then went to the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home.

I have signed up to volunteer every couple of weeks to help with the kitties.  There were only a few kitties there, because the day before they had 4 or 5 adoptions.  Good to hear.  The guy said it coming into kitten season, so are expecting more soon.

Now I have to wait to hear from the person in charge of the volunteers.

Im getting sleepy now, so a nap will be in order soon.

But first we are going to sit in the backyard with the kitties, as Morpheus loves us sitting with him in the backyard.

We are supposed to be going out with one of bf’s friends tonight to catch up and he wants to go out dancing after.  I dont know that we will go for that.

I dont plan big nights, they just happen, so we will see how we go.

Off to have a glass of Rose in the backyard with bf and the kitties. 🙂  It is a beautiful day outside 🙂


3 thoughts on “zapped

  1. Medication can be a nightmare at the best of times…forgetting it, even worse!
    When the suns shining and your with your bf…Life is sweet!
    Great heart to go help the kittens…I adore cats! xx

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