skinny love

Well Im certainly not feeling it.


I just seem to getting bigger and bigger.

Clothes are getting tighter and tighter.

Im feeling fatter and fatter and more uncomfortable and more uncomfortable. AND crapper and crapper.

When Im at work I do alright with my eating.  At the mo I eating :

Breakfast – Miso soup and green tea.

Morning – 2 x white teas, 1 x carrot, 6 x cherry tomatoes, 6 x cos lettuce leaves, sometimes a few sticks of celery.

Lunch – 1 x celebrity slim shake in 600ml water or a tuna sandwich on multi grain bread

Afternoon – 1 x yoghurt or piece of fruit

When I get home – usually 2 x toast with Vegemite and maybe a slice of cheese on top.

Home is where I have the trouble.

Dinner varies.  Last week was quick, not so healthy food.

I dont seem to have any strength at home OR motivation to exercise.

I am doing fencing once a week at the moment and we are going to try and keep doing the kung fu, when we find out what our new fencing schedule will be when we go to the next level in 2 weeks (if I pass the comp).

Need my motivation to come back.

I never used to have to worry about weight, but now I cant stop growing outwards ! 😦

It’s not doing my self esteem and confidence any good.  I walk around looking at the ground.

I catch people looking at me in the street and I swear it has to be because my jeans must look too tight 😦


7 thoughts on “skinny love

  1. Hi, K. I won’t comment on dietary advice — each person is so different — but I would recommend 30 minutes of brisk walking or jogging each day as a minimum level of fitness for health, both physical and mental. It sounds like a dull way to keep in shape, but listening to podcasts or audiobooks can keep it interesting.

    Best of luck. I’m reading regularly and wishing you well.

  2. I feel exactly the same 😦 Sorry you’re feeling so bad about yourself and lacking in motivation. I think exercise is a really good idea, it will make you feel healthier and happier as well! Keep going and things will improve 🙂 xx

  3. Wow, that’s really not enough that you’re eating. It’s no wonder you don’t have the ‘motivation’ to exercise and struggle at home. it’s concerning! Sorry… I’m not lecturing you – god knows I’m not in the position to anyway – but just be careful!

    • What I eat when I go home makes up for it most days. Chocolate, chips, toast with cheese etc. Im sure it makes up for it. I cant seem to lose any weight, I just keep getting bigger. My jean just get tighter and tighter and Ive gone up two sizes!!!

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