After my little cocktail party on Saturday night, not surpisingly, I didnt get up until middayish and did not leave the house or do too much.

I did surf the internet, read some blogs and watch the last episode of Season One of The Newsroom and Episode Two of Season Five of Sons of Anarchy.

After reading a fellow bloggers blog recently (im sure it was Lisa from forcing myself happy – one of my favourite blogs)  about having a an older pensioner couple in her life when she was was growing up, it brought back a memory out of the deep, dark archives of my brain.  A memory I had forgotten for years.

When I was growing up, there was an older later that lived up the hill (Mrs Brady). I used to go up to visit her quite regularly.  I either met her on my way up to a friends house or met her through my friend.

I used to visit and I loved Mrs Brady.  She lived alone.  I think her husband had passed away at some point.  We used to chat and hang out in her house or in the garden.  I dont really remember what we did or talked about, but I know I loved going over there.

I miss having that in my life.  My Mum and Nan are no longer around.  I would like to have someone like that in my life.

So, I registered with Adopt A Pensioner.  I remember seeing it on a TV show last year and I never got around to registering.  It’s not about money.  It is someone you can become friends with and visit them for a cuppa, help in the garden or around the house, help pick up shopping, or just be a friend to someone who is lonely.  You are put on their database and a pensioner can pick you from the database on the website and contact you via email.

I also registered for a Compeer volunteer, which entails becoming a friend with someone who has been isolated due to a mental illness and is trying to make their way back into life I guess.


I cant easily change my job due to financial needs and if I start a new career then I would probably have a drop in pay due to being new in that field, so this was the next best thing I could think of.

It’s worth a try.


2 thoughts on “fulfilling

    • Will do! If they dont need anyone there were some other volunteer positions that looked interesting. Volunteering at a Youth centre, coaching a basketball team and others.

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