something meaningful

I dont enjoy my work in I.T. anymore.

I would like to have a job or work for a company where I felt like I was contributing to society or helping others.

Im not a spring chicken anymore, so to change careers now would not be as easy, as it would have been in my twenties.  And studying is not my forte anymore, due to my memory issues.

Also to change careers where I could start off on my current salary, so I could afford to live and support me and the kitties.

Living in Sydney is not a cheap place to live and I live in the Inner West, so I am close to work.

I would love to have a job working with animals or for a company that helps animals.

Dream Job – Kitty Patter/Kitty Looker Afterer 🙂

Second Choice – a job on Getaway reporting on different travel destinations.

Or a company that helped people that deserve and need help.

I feel I could do so much more that could be worthwhile to the universe.


4 thoughts on “something meaningful

  1. Hey Kat, sounds like a great dream job!:) I think that in some points in life it’s harder to make a big change than in others, but it’s always possible. Why don’t you see if there’s a way for you to quit your job while in search of your new job? May be do some things online? I started way back, with the online store for earrings, which took a while to get working…but meanwhile I was doing audio transcription. It’s a hard job, but it was online, so I had no boss, and I had a choice over how much work I can do. It’s not for making a living-not the audio transcription anyway, the store could be- but it was a way for me to spend more time researching and thinking over what I actually wanted to do. You are never too old, too young or with no opportunity…find a way to follow your dream, even if it takes you a bit longer.
    xox, Atlanta

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