My work husband is planning on leaving, as he has had enough and is looking to buy a franchise close to home, so he can work for himself.

He was told on the quiet that our management were told to get rid of contractors.

We dont have many.  There are maybe 5 in I.T.  Three of those are in our team.

May the Gods please make our contractors leave.  Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!

It would make our (my one other permanent colleague) and my life, soooooooooo much better.

I wish I could cast a spell (not a bad one), just one to make them go away and get jobs somewhere else.

I did this once.  I bought some voodoo stuff eg. candle, some kind of powder and instructions and coincidence or not, that person did leave.  She was deemed a troublemaker by some staff and when she applied for a permanent job here, one of her old managers said she was a troublemaker.

She did get another job straight away, so it turned out good for her as well, although she was not happy that she didnt get the job here.   I think she thought she was a “shoe in” because she worked here before.

I guess karma bit her in the ass!

Their contracts finish at the end of September.  I have everything crossed 😉

Watch this space…


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