and in comes insomnia

Youre back.  Damn it!

I was starting to enjoy a night that I slept through until the alarm went off or if I woke up I would go straight back to sleep.

It never lasts!

It’s been about a week since insomnia came back.

Im sooooo tired.

The longer it lasts, the more tired I get and then comes the more emotional and more depressed.

I took two of the sleeping tablets the doctor gave me a while ago and still could not sleep.  They just dont work.  I have some other sleeping tablets from another doctor that I got a while ago and they dont work either.

I was struggling this morning.  Within 15 minutes of being at work, which is when my “work husband” turned up, I felt like a cry.

We went for a walk and got a cup of tea and Im managing now, but am so tired.

I didnt go to work yesterday because I was sooo tired, so had a huge sleep in until lunchtime instead.

I just dont function when I cant sleep.

What does one do?  I know a lot of  “you all out there” also struggle with sleep.  How tiring is it?



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