monday is here again

It comes around so quickly.  We need a three day weekend.  That would be awesome.

Im at work and not much is going on.

When I got here this morning there was only one guy form the software team and the usual early contractor in my team wasnt here.

I said to S that I actually prefer it when they are not here and he agreed.  He doesnt know why they keep them on.

Neither do we.

Got a phone call from an old colleague at the place I worked before here.  I enjoyed working there and still miss the people I worked with.

Some of them are now working in one of the buildings next door, so I had lunch with them.  One of the guys I used to work with when I first started there was my buddy and he was at lunch.  It was so good to see him.

I missed the good old days with RL, BMB, PA and me.  We had such fun when we werent busy.

If only time could be turned back.


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