12:09 frustrated

I had a flex day off.  Slept in til about 11:3oam.

Got up and had a yoghurt and watched stuff I had recoreded.

Had a couple of teas.

Went out to dinner at Tomodachi, picked up a few things at the supermarket.

We had a really good conversaton about fencing at dinner, which we are both enjoying.

At the supermarket he was telling me about something at work and I made the joke, “Has anyone told you, you talk to much”  ha ha

He cracked the shit and didnt talk for the rest of shopping and still now at home 3 hours later.

I wasnt serious.  Im rarely saracastic ever seriously.

He hasnt talked to me hardly since and says hes fine.  Yeah right.

When I got home I had a beer and then a small joint. I seem to do this when he gets shitty.  I feel like gettting wasted on recently weed and drink to I guess forget.

He is still not speaking to me.  I didnt mean it.

But still he is grumpy at me.

A couple more glasses of red wine and cigarettes. I only smoke when I drink and guess when I get evenly remotely stoned.

Im feeeling horny but he is cranky so will keep it to myself.

I felt like getting smashed, getting stoned and taking all my Valium.

BUT I dont have enough to OD.

So more cigarettes and wine.

I wish he could relax when I told him I was only joking.  And I never say mean things seriously, only joking ever. BUT he is still shittty.



One thought on “12:09 frustrated

  1. I’m sorry your day turned bad. Please don’t try and OD, things will get better. I don’t understand why he has over reacted so much, but I hope that he calms down soon. Maybe there’s a further reason that he’s being so grumpy?! x

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