a beautiful day

The sky is so blue and it is warm in the sun.  A bit of a chilly wind, but its is only the beginning of spring, so it will get warmer soon.

I wasnt able to get to sleep for a while when I went back to bed about 2.30am this morning and had weird dreams.

I think I forgot to take my meds yesterday, which usually brings on the weirder dreams.

Sometimes I have dreams that I have had before or dreams in a place that I have been to before in a dream.  Weird.  It’s like de ja vu in a dream.

Is it just me?

Ive got a bit of a brain ache and sore neck, bring on the Advil.  Other than that I feel  good today.  YEY!

The painter is here fixing the wall where it was all mouldy due to a leak in the bathroom.  Once he is done I can go and do what I need to do.

The P.O. and a little bit of shopping and some hot chippies from the chicken shop at the shopping centre.

I believe I am a chip connoisseur 🙂  I love chippies.  These chippies are in my top three of the best chippies around, that I have found.

If a pub or restaurant cant cook a good chip, then what is the point.  Thumbs down from me.

They have to be nice and crispy and golden.  Nothing worse than soft chips.

Like KFC , Red Rooster and other take away shops.

I used to buy KFC chippies back in the day when they were crispy.  Now they all put them on a timer and they are soft. 😐

It’s just not OK. 😐

After that, I dont have much to do.  Some more blog reading and a much needed nap to catch up on lasts night lack of sleep is in order.

Ive nearly finished transferring all my data to my Mac and then I can make the final transition.

I just have to find the Firefox and Thunderbird files with all my favourites and email and Im pretty much done.

It will be goodbye old friend (my Dell laptop).  It has been a good, reliable laptop.  I still cant believe after over a decade of buying Dells that I am going to the darkside.

The rest of the day (what is left of it after a nap) and tonight will be a nice relaxing night at home with bf and the kitties.

And tomorrow we are planless at this stage.

Maybe brekky at a cafe and then off to the Apple store to get a SuperDrive.  Who knows what after that.  Relax time at home.  It is bfs only day off, so he will enjoy that.

Our herbs and cat plants are still alive, although I had to move the cat mint and the catnip, because Morpheus was pigging out on them.  Norty kitty 🙂  Must like a good high.  lol.

I hope you all have a great Saturday. 🙂


One thought on “a beautiful day

  1. I know what you mean about soft chips – I can’t stand them! I’m sure they’re harder to digest as well. Almost sponge-like; sucking up all the moisture and sticking to your throat. 😛

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