Well we went to the Anniversary Funeral Mass of our dear friend we lost last year at only 42 years old.

It only went for an hour and then we went to the local RSL for dinner and drinks with friends who were also at the Mass.

So sad to lose a friend at that age.

It is only the second funeral I had ever been to and the first loss of a friend.

It reminds me there as time goes by there will be more, but hopefully not for a long time.  None of them are old enough.

We went to bed about 11pm, but I couldnt sleep, so I got up again and watched the rest of the movie “The Raven”.  I thought it was a bit boring at first and Im not a John Cusack fan, but it ending up being OK.  It is a movie about Edgar Allen Poe.

I copied my iTunes music from my Windows laptop to the USB hard drive and then to the Macbook Air.

OMG it is driving me nuts!  Only because I dont know the keyboard shortcuts or how to right click.  I have googled the two I needed for now.

It also took me a good ten minutes to find a menu in iTunes, but it wasnt really in iTunes it was on the menu bar that it hidden at the top of the screen!!!  OMG!!! I wanted to throw it in the bin.  😐

But I wont do that just yet.  Too expensive of a toy to just chuck it the bin just yet! lol

It will be interesting to see if I lose any music.  When I bought my iPhone 4S and plugged it into iTunes, I lost a fair bit of music.

And all the Mac freaks I know tell me how wonderful the Apple world is.  Sure sure…

It’s even got me to the stage that I am talking to the Mac, telling it to do what I want it to do.  lol

I havent been feeling to good for the last 20 minutes.  The anxiety/panic feeling is setting in, so I should maybe try and go to sleep before it gets too bad.  I hope I can fall asleep feeling like this.  Definitely worth a try.

Good night all or early morning.


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