bf and I have done a meditation class last week and one this week.

The lady that does it is lovely and all calm sounding.

It seems from what she says she can see our auras etc.  All a bit hippy for me.

Im a skeptic and dont have faith in anything anymore.


She said we would sleep better and coincidentally we have been sleeping better.

I have been taking magnesium a while before bed, which usually helps me sleep.

We are going to keep going once a week, because it certainly cant hurt.

It is supposed to be good for depression, anxiety, sleeping , stress etc.  We definitely need some help with those.

Has anyone else that isnt maybe as big a skeptic as me, tried meditation or magnesium?  Did you find it beneficial?  Would you recommend it?


5 thoughts on “meditation

  1. Through counselling, I’ve been given a couple of meditation CDs written for me (using my name). There’s relaxing music with my counsellor’s words over the top, instructing me on how to feel with positive reassurances. One’s for dealing with anxiety and, in the last two weeks, I can feel it’s already making a difference with my social anxiety. I still have some way to go but, I’m making improvements. 🙂

    The other is for building self-esteem but this recording is at a faster pace, which I’m finding quite difficult. This one is supposed to be practised in the morning (before work, etc.), while I use the other as I go to bed. Each is only ten minutes long.

    For anxiety, I think it’s certainly worth a try and I do seem to be sleeping a bit better. I also suffer from depression sometimes but, I haven’t had many dark moments (let alone days) since I found the strength recently to start going places on my own. At the moment, I look forward to weekends (not to suggest that I enjoy my job!), where they would usually drag me right down. 🙂

  2. I started meditating in my early twenties and it’s wonderful. It calms and relaxes you and you don’t realise the good it’s doing until you get older and it just comes naturally. Well done 🙂

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