spring has sprung

Thankfully last week was the last week of Winter and we had  relatively nice weather last week.  Friday night was kind of chilly, but then the first day of Spring arrived on Saturday.

We have lovely weather this weekend, perfect for the start of spring and this week looks like it will get even better.  Please make it last!

We went to dinner in Leichhardt on Friday night and had a yummy seafood platter.  We had been there before, so we knew it was going to be yummy.

An early start to Saturday, so a tradie “tradesman” could come an plaster a couple of walls that had some bad mould damage a few months ago, due to a leak in the pipes in the shower.

Went to the P.O. and picked up some parcels, went to replenish my Pristiq, so I didnt start to have head spins the next day.

I just happened to park in front of a shop that moved from the other end of Enmore Rd to the end I usually frequent.  “In Visible Light”.  I had heard it had lots of BeGoth dolls and Living Dead dolls etc.

 They had heaps of Living Dead dolls, which I have a pair of.  There are too many and not enough space in my apartment to collect them.

I have between 20 – 30 Begoth dolls and found out they stopped making them last year, which is probably a good thing, because of the room available factor.

But, when in the store and chatting with the lady who owns it, she showed me Little Apple dolls.  They are made by a Japanese lady and are very Japanese looking.  I love them.  There are only four series of them and they dont make them anymore.  Thankfully.  So now I have seven of them and will source the rest online.

I watched the last episodes of Weeds, Breaking Bad and True Blood and by then bf  had come home.

bf made oyster tofu & vegetables with egg noodles.  This is the first time we subsituted beef with tofu, as we are now a meat free house.

Sunday was even more beautiful weather.  We went to Bunnings and bought a few pots of herbs and an all year round lettuce and mini roma tomatoes to start growing in some planter boxes.  If we succeed with these and they dont die, we will try some vegetables.

We also bought some catmint, cat grass and catnip for the kitties.

I put the catming plant on the floor when we got home and Morpheus started to scoff it, so I picked him up so Neo could have a squiz and he just rubbed his head around the top edge of the pot.  So cute!

Did a spring clean and moved some furniture around in the bedroom, had dinner and the weekend was nearly over.

So a good weekend was had and I felt much better than last week.  Im pretty sure the warm sunny days helps.

Did you all have a good weekend?  Did you do anything enjoyable?



4 thoughts on “spring has sprung

  1. Hey, glad to see you’ve had a good weekend! 🙂 I was confused at the beginning of your post when you said spring is here, but then I remembered you’re on the other side of the world so the seasons are different 😛 I hope your herbs and veggies grow well! Maybe you could post a picture of them one day 🙂 My weekend has been ok – been catching up with friends and family which is always nice 🙂

    • Yey, Spring is sprung here. So glad the cold is going to disappear. I guess that means for you it is going to start getting colder :(. I love warmth. Im glad you had a nice weekend too. 🙂

  2. Glad to hear you had a good weekend. 🙂

    I managed to force myself out to see a local attraction I’d been wanting to see for several months… It was my first visit for about twenty years (that makes me sound old yet, I’m not even twenty-eight!!) and I really enjoyed the day. It was only a few hours but, it’s amazing the improvement it can make to your weekend and mood for the start of a new week. I’m planning to do something similar every weekend from now on. 🙂

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