im bad

It was Fathers Day yesterday and I didnt contact my Dad.

As I said in a previous post, I think I have been put in the “too hard basket” by my family, which is why I dont hear from them much.

I in turn have done the same thing, because it is  just stress I dont need.

But I have done this to people in general.  There not in my “too hard basket” or maybe they are, I dont know, but if it is someone I dont hear from much, I just tend to shut them out.

I hibernate.  It is less stressful to be at home with the kitties and bf in my safe place and just forget about the humans in the outside world.

It isnt that I hate them, but it is just easier.

Some of my friends I like very much and if they need my help and I could actually help, I would not hesitate.

Well Dad has just SMSed me asking how I am and really just dont want to reply.

I just want to disappear, but if I dont reply he might worry.

Ahhhhhhhhh, what to do…



5 thoughts on “im bad

  1. You’re not bad. I get this completely. Those who matter understand that sometimes I hide as a self-preservation tactic. Those who won’t or don’t understand don’t matter. I’m sure your Dad understands deep down.

  2. Yeah, I didn’t speak to my dad on fathers day this year either. Was in too much of a state. To be honest, fathers day is just a pile of poo anyway. ahem xx

  3. I totally understand the feeling like I’m in the “too hard basket” by my family–I agree that sometimes it is easier to avoid those people who don’t understand as a way to protect your sanity!

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