I am assuming most people have seen United States of Tara?

Is the way they portray D.I.D. on here accurate/realistic?

It is a great show, but was wondering if this is what it is really like for someone with D.I.D.

Maybe you know from experience or know of some good websites that describe it more accurately that I can read?

Just curious.


11 thoughts on “D.I.D.ers

  1. Honestly, I don’t think its an accurate portrayal. I think that she copes with it way too well to be accurate. She seems to normal when she is herself.

      • I do know that people black out when another personality has taken over, and I do know that the other personalities can be 100% different than the other ones. I do know that stress can cause the other ones to come out. Pretty realistic except that the person doesn’t normally function with a family etc. It’s her normal life that just doesn’t seem realistic at all….

  2. I really enjoyed the show but I did always wonder about it’s accuracy.

    I personally do not think that judging the shows accuracy on how well she handles her DID is fair. I handle my diagnosis (BPD) very well and people have used that against me saying that there is nothing wrong with me. Some people are very effective at managing their symptoms and accept that they need to do so.

    But, my experience with anything DID related is limited to a few months of 1 alter so I don’t have the experience to say anything for sure.

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