its days like today

I dont know why I bother.

I tell fellow bloggers to stay strong because I know how hard it can be.

I tell fellow bloggers that the kitties keep me going.  I want to really believe that today.  I do.

But what is the point?

I feel so unneeded.

I never hear from my family.  I say I dont mind, but I dont feel like they care.  I didnt talk to my Mum every week, but I knew she cared.

I miss her.

Im in the too hard basket and I guess they are in my too hard basket.

Work sucks.

The two contractors keep me out of everything and our teem leader is a contractor too.  Im permanent.

I feel left out and unneeded.  Im so bored.  It’s a pity we spend most of our life at work.  😦

After I had to take a lot of time off over a period of 18 months, it just got worse and worse and I became more and more left out.  The team leader wont say anything.  He doesnt like to deal with these kind of situations and neither do management.

Ive never done anything to them.

BUT, I have to go so I can support me and the kitties.  So there is no way out.

My health isnt 100% so I cant change jobs.  Im stuck.

I know my post is a “poor me” rant, but I feel like crap and have noone I can tell.

What does one do?

I have one answer…


14 thoughts on “its days like today

  1. I’m sorry!! I’m in a sh***y place, too!! Write if you can because it helps. I can’t write anymore. Don’t know what I’m going to do. God bless you and help us both!!

  2. So day and as many days as you need we(your reader) will come and offer you support. That’s what it’s all about, having a community here in blogland that can understand and lift us up went we stubble or fall.

    I am so sorry you are feeling this way. I am here. xxx

  3. I’m sorry you’re going through this. Maybe it’ll get better again over time. One never knows (sorry, that’s all I can say about it). xx

  4. Sorry to read what you’re going through at the moment.

    People often fear what they do not understand but, you said it yourself; your family DO CARE and it’s clear that you care about them to.

    Could you send your mum an e-mail, text or even a phone call, just to let her know you miss her? I bet she misses you too, even if she doesn’t say it often (it’s always hard to be apart from someone you love and that’s only natural).

    I find it hard to believe anyone who says they love their job, when we spend so much of our lives at work. What positives do you have to look forward to, at the end of each day when you arrive home?

    • My mum passed away five years ago :(. I wish I could email her.
      I used to love my job. I didnt mind coming into work everyday. It is people who have changed that for me.
      Thanks for you words 🙂

  5. There’s nothing wrong with a good rant every now and then. Isn’t that what blogs are for? I’m glad that you’re a bit better today. I’ll have to read some more of your blog and catch up with your story a bit more. It’s good that you fence. I think it’s important to have activities O/s of work to look forward to as well. Jen xx

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