glamping at cockatoo island

I was supposed to go to Cockatoo Island yesterday morning with the 12wbt Inner West fitness group to do a fitness course/event made up by one the girls.  Then stay overnight glamping on Cockatoo Island and come back home today.

I thought it was a great idea and was really looking forward to it.

bf was going to come and it would have been a fun weekend.

A couple of weeks ago bf realised he wouldnt be able to do the Saturday fitness event because his boss was on leave and he couldnt take the day off.  Then a couple of weeks ago his bosses boss wanted him to work the Sunday too.

I couldnt go with bf.  It would have been way to far out of my comfort zone.

I dont like the idea of sleeping anywhere but at home without bf.  I just cant do it.

The idea is bad enough, let alone doing it!  My anxiety would go through the roof and Valium would be needed.

bf couldnt understand why I didnt go, as he knew I had been looking forward to it.

I just told him I couldnt without him.  He didnt really understand it too clearly, but then I found it hard to explain why “I just couldnt”.

Oh well, you get that.  Another safe weekend at home.

bf is working all weekend and the cats crashed out on the bed in the middle of the day and havent come out since.   I occasionally go in and give them a pat and say hello.

We went out for Thai last night to one of our favourites.  Very yummy!

And then we came home and bf suggested a joint, so we got stoned together, had a giggle together and had the munchies together.  We went across the road around midnight to the 24hr petrol station to get some chocolates.  Silly us 🙂

Now I need a nap, even though I got up about 11am and so very nearly just rolled over to go back to sleep.  My joints ache and Im sleepy, so will go and join the kitties for a nap. 🙂

Then do the usual, shower, wash the hair etc to get ready for another fun filled week at work. 😐  I just hope I can manage 5 whole days.  It is so hard and exhausting, but need to do it so I can accrue some leave for a holiday with bf next year.

Off to Zzzzzzzzzz…


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