fencing on friday

A couple of weeks ago we started doing a 1o week beginners fencing class.  Just to do something different and get ourselves off the couch.

It is fun, but also a little frustrating, only because Im still learning.

It is definitely good for fitness.  It is really hot in the outfits, so  I sweat a lot and burn over 1,000 calories per two hour session.

bf is better at it than I am. The teacher says shorter people have better speed (bf)  and taller people (like me) have to rely on our reach.

Ive never been really good at any sport.

I think Im a bit unco, so have to get it in my head that this is just for fun and it doesnt matter if I get beaten, as I am only a beginner.




6 thoughts on “fencing on friday

    • A new place opened up nearby about 3 months ago. We only found out about it online with a voucher advertising a discounted beginners pack that came with a sabre. It’s not something you see or hear about much in life. Maybe you could find a place that does it. And it isnt that expensive either.

  1. When I was in my twenties, I wanted to learn how to fence. I thought it’d be great fun, as well as great exercise!! I was so shy back then and didn’t want to go alone and the person who said they’d come with me kept putting me off until the opportunity passed. So I’m glad you’re going and have someone to go with and enjoy together this wonderful opportunity and sport!! Yea you!! 😀

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