catching up

I have recently discovered the “follow” by email, which is very handy so I am alerted when someone has posted a new blog.

Trying to keep up, well that’s another thing!

You all have so many interesting blogs.   (I wish some of them were fiction for you).

I am currently up to the 19th August, so only 5 days to catch up on.

This means sometimes I may comment on one of your blogs a little later than others.

But I will get there!

Happy blogging everyone 🙂


3 thoughts on “catching up

  1. I know what you mean! I get several e-mails a day and it feels overwhelming at times, just trying to keep up with the pace!

    You may already know this but, there is an option to change this so that you only receive weekly updates of blog activity on the day and time of your choice (eg. all blog posts from each user from that week arrive in a single e-mail). You have to open up the ‘Reader’ page and there’s a tab for it somewhere. You also need to select it (from a drop-down menu) individually for each blog you follow.

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