to be honest

there is not much I like about myself.


8 thoughts on “to be honest

  1. I’m not going to push the *like* button on this one. Everyone is unique and when you think about the chances of you being here on this earth you’ve got to wonder why you’re here. Please don’t dislike yourself 😦
    When I was younger and at uni I did this thing with one of our lecturers where she told the whole class to relax before a lesson and close our eyes and visualise ourselves in a dark room looking into a mirror. This was the most horrifying thing for me! I’d never realised before how ugly and unworthy I felt on the inside. After the class she took me aside and told me I really needed to work on my self-esteem. I’ve been working very hard on ‘liking’ myself for years and it’s working.
    Find something you like about yourself and build on that – it makes me sad to think there may be nothing you like about yourself.

    I’m waiting for you to tell me ‘one thing’ you like about yourself…

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