I have had my troubles with my bf, but I do love him and I am far from perfect and sure I am frustrating as well at times.

But I know he loves me, he just finds it hard to express himself, as most guys do.

He was worried for a while that he would come home to me dead.

I promised him that I would not take my life because I would not do that to him or leave my kitties behind.

I find it frustrating that he cant express himself and tell me how he feels.    I understand that it is not easy for him to express himself and hug me or help me when I am feeling the way I do.

He is the best man I have ever met and he is trying as best he can, especially with his grumpiness/crankiness.

I dont expect him to fix things, I just wish he could hug me or help me when I am struggling.  I understand that he might not know how to.

He tells me he was not brought up in an affectionate, touchy family.

I try to understand, but it is sometimes hard when I am feeling like I do.

He is a good man.  I hope one day he feel comfortable with feeling.



3 thoughts on “bf

  1. Same here. I have to remember that we see physical affection much differently. Sometimes all I want is to be held. No sexy stuff, no talking, no trying to make me smile. Just hold me and have that be enough.
    *hugs you from afar*

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