Here I sit at 2am.bf, me and friend went out for lebanese for dinner.

We had dinner with some wine.  Dinner was yummy, especially the turkish delight.

Went to a bar afterward and had a couple of beers.

Then we went home and I had a couple of herbal rosehip teas with some vodka.

A blogger friend was not having a good day and I offered some help via my email address as I know we are in the same city and I dont like to think a blogger friend is need of some help with nowhere to go.

It made me realise that compared to some to some other blogger friends I have not been through as much as they have.

When I am in between straight and a few drinks I am me  but am more relaxed and can say what I am feeling.

I have no memory before about 16 years old and dont want to know why.

But would like to help if I can.

I thought about getting smashed tonight but didnt, mainly because my bf had to work tomorrow.

Here I am sitting hoping my blog friend is ok and trying to help them wake their friend, as I can only think that if I was the sleeping friend I would want one of my friends to wake me to help them.

One of my blog friends is also trying to be supportive, and one day I hope I meet them because they sound like a nice person and very caring.

Why must life be so hard for some.  It doesnt seem right.

I wish I could help.



5 thoughts on “2:00am

  1. I know. So many times I just want to be able to take all the pain away from everyone. Hope you manage to get some sleep. x

  2. Ahhhh. Thank you so much for your support last night, I really appreciate it! I didn’t wake her up as still struggle enough with asking for help, let alone waking someone up to present them with someone in the state I was in last night :/
    Never compare yourself to me or anyone else – everyone and everyone’s situation is unique, and different things affect us all differently. We are all struggling in our own ways. I hope I can be of as much help to you as your words meant to me last night xxx

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