a night with magic mike

I went to the movies with a couple of girl friends on Tuesday night.

It’s a fun movie and visually pleasurable. 🙂

The movies is not somewhere I have visited much of the last decade, due to anxiety and panic attackss

I always like to sit near the front and on the end of an aisle, so I can get away quickly if I need to.

Now Hoyts have decided that they will allocate seats, so we ended up right in the middle.

So there was lots of wringing of hands throughout the movie, but I got through it.

It reminded me why I dont go to the movies.

I usually go with the bf and he knows where I like to sit.  My friends are not aware of my issues with depression, anxiety and panic attacks, because I choose to hide it.

While we were watching the movie, I was thinking about us going to dinner in Newtown afterwards and that we might get a bottle of wine and then the thought  “some wine would be nice and to get really smashed” would be great.

I dont know why I thought that.  I used to always be the one that never got drunk.  I dont know what has changed that makes me want to get smashed.

I havent had a drink since my last binge.  Im too scared to.

We went out to Pastizzi after the movies and didnt have any wine because the movie finished later than we expected.  So it was a good night.



3 thoughts on “a night with magic mike

  1. I have struggled with serious panic attacks in movies as well–it’s hard because my family LOVES going to the movies and I never want to miss out on a good time! Glad that you found having certian seats helps with the anxiety! And I must say–of all movies to have to sit in the middle of the row–magic mike is the one to do it–after all it sure had my attention the whole time. Who can’t like a movie with that many hott guys in it!

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