sabre sunday

Well today bf & I  went to our first sabre (fencing) class.

It was fun!  I sweated heaps and was very puffed out.  I am still congested from the flu, which probably made it harder.

But still fun!

We are now going to do a 10 week beginners course once a week.  Three which are already paid for with a deal we go.

$99 for an Introductory class, three beginner classes and our own sabre to keep.

The lady told us the centre only opened a couple of months ago, which is probably why we didnt even know it was there.

The fencing world is a very small niche of people and this centre wants to open it up more to the public to get new people trying and joining in the sabre niche.

After we did a bit off grocery shopping and we are going to try lentil burgers for dinner.  Should be interesting.

Then chill, watch some tele and rest for Monday. 😐  Monday comes around so quickly.

So, a much needed positive blog from me today.

Hope you all had great weekends 🙂


2 thoughts on “sabre sunday

  1. I’m glad you had fun too. It’s always good to get out and be… different. Things can get too comfortable when you are just doing the same things day in and day out. I hope that your Monday was at least tolerable.

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