safe & warm

It is really cold and the wind is blustering hard outside today.

I didnt go to work.  I felt quite anxious when it was time to get up and had that all over “unwell” feeling that I have never been able to describe to a doctor or therapist.  I dont know what it is or how to better describe it.

So I slept in and I woke up around 11.20am.  Kitty was there as always and when I closed my eyes again he put a paw on my face, which means “Get out of bed Mum and give me milk or bikkies or something”.  So I did.  Who can resist a cute furry face.

Im in my favourite place,  my safe place (home), sitting in the lounge with the heater and my blanket and the two kitties with a cup of tea, catching up on my fellow bloggers updates, to see how you are all doing.

It is sad that a lot of us are not having such a great time and “we” are such a small portion of the world, so I cant even imagine how many other people are also going through hard times, but we can only hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for everyone, because everyone deserves some peace in their lives.

This blog by Make Up & Mirtazapine is a simple idea but made me smile.  Such a nice idea.

Hope this helps give someone else a smile.


4 thoughts on “safe & warm

  1. It’s sure is blowing up a gale out there, isn’t it? Makes inside feel even cosier than usual … I’m loving it 😀

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