Ive been awake lying in bed for over an hour.

My mind wont switch off.

Ive been off the radar since Saturday.  The flu got me good and proper.

It started off with a really sore throat.  Swallowing was something I was trying to avoid.

After a day of that, the usual flu symptoms thought they would join in.

I was supposed to start the 10,000 steps with a group of people from work on Monday, but there has not been a lot of walking done this week.

I went back to work yesterday.  So much for trying to not take any time off from work.  My head was still feeling very fluffy, but was feeling much better than the previous day.

On Tuesday I was supposed to have a Skype session with Dr Jenner.  It completely slipped my mind until yesterday, which is when my head started working again.  It is the second time I have missed a scheduled Skype with Dr Jenner. 😐

Dr Jenner is a Counselling Psychologist in Germany.  I am in Australia.  He generously offered a Skype session with me after I found his blog.  He had a blog about loss causing depression and it described exactly how my depression came about (this time) and how Id been feeling for the last 18 months.


I dont currently have a psychologist or psychiatrist as they are very expensive here, as Im sure they are everywhere, considering mental health issues is constantly growing.  I was given a referral by a GP and the initial consult was going to cost $350.00.  I dont get paid quite that well to afford that.

So he was going to have a chat with me to see if he could help me find someone that could help with my issues. Depression, anxiety and panic attacks.  The panic attacks have decided to give me a break for now, thankfully.

I have yet to email him to apologise again for not making our second try at an appointment.  I feel that sorry isnt really enough.  It’s crap of me to forget again, considering his generosity.

My memory is crap, which is why I forgot the first time and didnt put it in my calendar on my phone.  I forgot to do this a second time, but my phone wasnt with me in bed anyway.




One thought on “3:00am

  1. Hi…you really do not need to worry about how I feel and In our interaction so far you have come across as a very nice , genuine person. I would be happy to help you further and you will find I am rather approachable 🙂 I am the last person who is likely to judge you.

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