my bodies payback

Last night I woke up a few times and if I swallowed my throat felt like it had razor blades in it.

bf woke me up once because I was snoring and that was because I have the flu and my head is all clogged up.

I think my body is paying be back for abusing it on Friday night.  It has every right to I think.

We were supposed to go and try a fencing class today.  En Guarde!!!

But have had to postpone it because Im sick.   😦

I have things to do around the house, fun domestic things, but dont feel up to it.

So he has gone for a ride on his motorbike to visit his bff that he grew up with.  BFFs birthday was yesterday.

Home alone with the kitties and going back to bed is creeping into my mind, even though it is just after midday.

bf wanted me to take some Codral and try going to fencing anyway, but I want to rest , so I can go to work tomorrow.

Ive had a lot of time off over the last 18 months, due to my depression and anxiety. Thankfully before that, I had a lot of sick days and holiday leave accrued, which only just got me through all the days I had off.   I am trying really hard not to miss any days at work.  Ive only had one in the last month.


4 thoughts on “my bodies payback

  1. Your body knows when it’s time to slow down and when you get a cold or the flu… that’s your body telling you that you no longer have a choice and it’s going to make you rest. I hope that you do get to feeling better soon.

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