meat free house

We are changing to a meat free house.

We havent thrown out the meat we have in the freezer, which isnt much.  We will finish it off and just not buy anymore.

It is for a combination of reasons.

– I love furry animals

– I have read too many animal cruelty stories online, which make me cry.  eg. PETA, WSPA, newspaper

I used to be a vegetarian for several years a long time ago and since then have only eaten chicken and beef.

I will still eat fish and some seafood, mainly when we go out.  I dont mind salmon, tuna and some white fish.

Only the kitties will be eating meat here.

The bf doesnt mind either, which will make it easier with the cooking.

There are so many yummy alternatives these days, compared to when I was a vegie last time and restaurants have some great vegie meals on their menus too.

It also helps that we both like vegetables, tofu and some other alternatives.


3 thoughts on “meat free house

  1. I’ve tried to get my husband and family to go vegetarian but he hates veggies so it didn’t work.
    *sigh* I wish I could say that we are a meat free house.

    • I was actually surprised that my bf seemed quite willing and said yes. He is happy to just have meat when we go out to dinner or at lunch time when he is at work. There are so many yummy alternatives now. A pity you cant go meat free. Can you make some meat free dinners without them noticing? Maybe they wont notice if you dont tell them?

      • Unfortunately my husband would. He and I compliment each other fairly well. When we go out to a restaurant or even at home… I will eat all of the side items (like corn, salad, veggies, mashed potatoes) first and then not ever touch the meat because by that point… I’m done. He will eat the meat I have left over and give me his side items.
        So if I didn’t cook the meat… he wouldn’t have anything that he would eat. LOL.

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