Geez I have some issues.

No wonder I dont like myself.

Seizures (in the past thankfully) and hope they stay that way.  I still think it is a possibility though.



Panic attacks



Not attractive

Ive put weight on but have no motivation to do anything about it

Crap memory so cant sit exams for work (I failed the last exam twice and still havent passed it) and work paid for the course twice.

No libido

Crap at saving money


4 thoughts on “issues

  1. I’m no doctor but this sounds physiological (chances are there is a chemical imbalance that needs attention). I lived with someone for a while who had exactly the same things happen to them (but they were also very angry). They went to doctor after doctor and finally found someone who understood what was going on and helped them heaps! I could imagine you’ve seen doctors, but don’t give up!

    Also – I’m a great believer in ‘what you say and do is what you are’. By this I mean that when you hammer yourself your brain actually believes you and you change into that thing you are saying you are. The brain is a really weird thing – if you tell it you’re unattractive and have no motivation it reflects this everywhere in your life – if you tell it you’re beautiful and have motivation, for some strange reason it believes you and you change into that thing you think you are. Give it a try – please 🙂

  2. I agree with Dianne: we are what we think we are. Have you ever tried yoga or meditation? It has done wonders for me in less than a year. 🙂

    • I was going to try meditation, but a psychologist told me it isnt something that would work for me. I did start a yoga course. I always found it difficult to stay awake. Due to my depression and anxiety, my motivation disappeared and my hibernation kicked in. I should give it another go. Thanks 🙂

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