no writing & no blogging

I havent posted anything or done any writing since last week!

I have been too busy reading other people’s blogs.  I read one and then get a link of another blog off that one and then another link.

There is so much to read and so many interesting stories!

I just cant seem to get enough.  My brain just wants to soak in more and more and more.

And everyones updates are also keeping me out of trouble.

I have hardly looked at Facebook, watched TV or even thought about the next chapter of my book.

I think I have kinda caught up on most blogs recent updates and will read their archives over time.

So, hopefully, I can attempt my next chapter of my book.

Thank you all out there for giving me so many great and interesting blogs to read.

All of you take care and happy blogging!


6 thoughts on “no writing & no blogging

    • I also find reading what others share (especially the psychological problem areas), comforts me a little for some reason. Im not sure if it being able to relate to some of their feelings or knowing Im not alone. There are some people I really wish I could help. One in particular breaks my heart, that they are so alone and cant see a way out.

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