A good plan to try and do something to make yourself happy everyday for 6 months. Should be interesting!

forcing myself happy

Ok..this is The PLAN.

1.I will scour books, philosophical teachings, trashy internet sites that tell us things we can do to be happier. I will also take suggestions (Within reason) from people who visit my blog and my friends. 

2.Starting on August 1st I will do my first thing to force myself happy. I plan to do something every day for ..hmm let’s see 6 months? … If you think this is too much or too mental then please let me know.. This is a sort of work in progress I guess. In saying that I really should make a commitment. Ok.. so…..

My commitment is to do one thing per day that is supposed to make me happier for 6 months and blog about it here (and if possible take vids of me doing the thing!). 

3.I will post an update of how happy I am on a scale of 1…

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