I have no plans this weekend.  I made sure I made no plans, so am going to be able to stay at home all weekend.

This means I dont have to leave the house all weekend.  I love weekends like this.

I can hibernate all weekend in my PJs 🙂 with the kitties of course.

bf works all day Saturday, so I get my “alone time” fix.

I have had times where I havent left the house for days.  A bad habit for me.  The longer I stay at home, the harder it is for me to leave.

I love home.  My “safe place”.


4 thoughts on “hibernation

  1. I am looking forward to this weekend for the same reason! Other than a couple small things, I’ve planned to mostly stay in so I can read, write, and just let my anxiety chill out! My home is my safe place too, and I totally relate to you on the b/f being gone all day so you can get your “alone fix”! ❤

  2. I am with you both on this one, girls … I love to be at home too! I am planning on shelving the studdy for the weekend, and devote myself to crafting, cooking, and the Olympics! Hope you both are having a good one 🙂

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