what a weekend

We went out to dinner on Friday night to catch up with one my female friends that moved interstate about 8 years ago.  We havent seen each other for a couple of years.

A few friends from Sydney that also know her came to dinner as well.  It was a nice relaxed dinner at a restaurant that we all used to go to when she lived here.

After that one of our friends came over, so bf and him could have a joint.  I havent had pot for over a decade, but decided to have a go.  I dont usually partake in this kind of thing much.  I had it a long time ago and I “greened out”, so have been a bit scared ever since.

Then we went to a pub up the road and played a couple of games of pool.  I kicked bf’s ass 🙂 and we had a couple of drinks and then went home.

I had another joint.  It was such a nice, relaxed feeling, so I didnt go to bed when bf did because I wanted to savour the feeling.  It was so nice to feel so relaxed.

I woke up on Saturday when bf went to work and then went back to bed about an hour after he left.  I woke up around 11am and then went back to sleep until about 1pm, got up to go to the bathroom, climbed back into bed with kitty and slept until 3.30pm.  My bed is my favourite place.  I could just lay in bed all day with the kittys and do absolutely nothing.  I dont tell bf when I do this.
I got up in time to shower and wash my hair and be half ready to go out to dinner.  Quickly did a few things, so when bf came home  it would look like I’d done something and he would have no idea I’d laid in bed all day.

On Saturday night we went to Japanese with a couple of other friends that we hadnt seen for a while and then went to see our hairdressers husbands blues, reggae band.  Im not a fan of this kind of music, but they were very good.  Such a relaxed, mellow vibe and her husband had a beautiful, smooth voice.  I think Im a convert.  I will definitely see them again.

After the gig was finished, I went to a gay pub, which I havent been to for a long, long time with the lovely gay apprentice from our hairdressers and his boyfriend.  Their friends were so friendly.  Had a great night.  Apprentices is 20 and his bf is 37 and they have been together for a couple of years.  His bf just gives him money.  All the guys flirt with each other and I did see some of them quite close and kissing.  Must be a gay thing.  If a someone in a straight relationship did that, there would be hell to pay!

Woke up about 11am and didnt feel like I needed to go back to sleep.  So, I got up and watched the rest of Season One of the “Girls” TV show.  I saw it in this months edition of Rolling Stone, so downloaded it and watched it.  It’s different and so not Sex and the City.  More realistic.

Did some washing for bf, because he is working 7 days this week and did some of mine.

Mad grilled bacon and scrambled egg wraps.  Yum mee!  And have drank so many liquids today and Im still really thirst.  I cant drink tea today because I need cool drinks to try and quench my thirst.

bf is home surfing the net and the kitties are hanging for dinner.  Not much else on for the day, just shower, dinner, watch Masterchef and have an early night.  And wake up to another week of existence and perform the dull routine of life.


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