Had a chat on Friday night with bf, well attempted to anyone, re his outburst this morning.  I was lucky to get a grunt out of him, let alone a simple yes or no.  He didnt seem to think there was an issue.  I gave up and went to bed early, so I could get up early in the morning.


The weekend started off spectacularly.  For the middle of Winter, it was a beautiful, warmish day (in the sun).

Got up at 6am to volunteer for Park Run.

Park Run is a free 5km at Sydney Park, run by volunteers.  I did the run once and hurt my knee, so started volunteering instead.  I have been able to start running again, so am doing the Couch to 5K at home on the treadmill.  When I finish this in early September, I want to do a trial run of the Park Run, but not at Park Run initially, so I can see how I go.

My goal to complete Park Run in under 30 minutes.

After Park Run, I went to Boot Camp and met up with the usual crew for 1.45mins of torture and off the Park Cafe for a coffee and a chat.

Clearly, I am feeling better today, so am able to be more sociable.  I hope it stays this way.

A quick trip to the P.O. on my way home and then for some well deserved brunch.  Scrambled eggs on toast and nice hot cuppa.

Saturdays is a good “my time” day, as bf is at work.  So I get to relax a bit with the kitties and not do much of anything.  bf doesnt like to sit around and not do much, he usually wants to go somewhere and I am happy to be in my “happy place” (home) relaxing with the kitties.

I watched some Robin Williams Live, whilst I ate brunch.  Put a few things on Ebay to sell and took some more pics for some more things to sell on Ebay.  I have heaps of clothes to put on Ebay but keep putting it off, so I am going to try to do 10 a day and maybe get rid of the pile slowly.

I so want that corner of the room empty.  I dont like all  that wasted space.

When he got home from work, things were still uncomfortable, so I just started talking to him as if nothing was wrong.

We went to Thai for dinner, which was nice. He didnt feel like going out after dinner, which is normal these days.

BUT THEN I made the mistake of wanted to go down to the pub (which usually happens if I have been drinking) and he doesnt like me going down to the pub.  The reason being is I play the pokies and lose money and sometimes get a little drunk.

I havent been doing this for a long time and for some reason over the last several weeks, this is the third time Ive done it.

BUT THIS TIME, when the pub closed at midnight I went down to the other pub and didnt get home until about 1.30am, and to a very unhappy bf.   Understandably 😦

I hate it when I do this.  I cant explain why it has popped up again lately. I always regret it the next day and am much poorer for it.


I got up at about 9.30am, showered, ate some Vegemite on toast and drank water.  I had a headache, probably due to drinking and not having enough water.

I met up with a friend and girls from the fitness group to try Indoor Rock Climbing.  It was fun, but I couldnt do more than two to the top, as I was feeling a bit average.

Had brunch with friend afterwards and chatted for a while.

On the way home I bought some more kitty food and went home to a very quiet house.  Not talking.

I then had a well needed nap with the kitties.

Got up and showered to wash my hair, fed the beautiful kitties, microwaved my leftovers from Thai, watched some TV.  bf went to bed early and I followed about an hour or so later.


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