There is HOPE

Back to work again.  I cant believe life is just working, home, eat, sleep over and over again.  Surely, there is more to life than this???

Managed to get up at 6am, which has been a major struggle of late.  Going to work at all has been a struggle since late 2010.  I am now out of leave, so I hope me feeling better means the new dosage of medication is working and hopefully will stay that way, rather than the longer I take it the less affect it has.  Im now on the highest dose of this medication, so if this doesnt work then it will be a long road of weaning myself off this one and try again with another one, which is a VERY long process of feeling crap.

bf seemed better this morning.  He waited for me, so we could leave together to go to work, even if it is only to the front of the house, where I walk to the bus stop and he rides his motorbike.

It’s not very busy at the moment, as we arent doing any projects until decisions are made about how and when we will merge with other government departments.

bf  rang me while I was at work and we had a brief chat about “the situation” and before he hung up, he told me he loved me 🙂

bf rang to give me the name of a company that helps you get your business ideas from your head to fruition and possibly help fund it, if it is a good idea.

I need to speak to someone about a great App idea I have, but dont have the finances to do it and am still learning to build Apps without code.  Coding has never been my forte.


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