MONDAY is here again

I woke up still with a pain searing through part of my head, so I messaged TL to have a flex.

Took some Advil and went back to sleep.  Woke up about 10.30am and then went to lie in bed with the kitties and fell back to sleep, as I knew I would.  But it was nice and warm and had a kitty on each side.  Heaven 🙂

Dragged myself out of bed at 1pm, put some washing on.  For the rest of the day I watched the movie Casino with breaks to put washing on and hanging it up.  God it is such a long movie!

The scene where they beat the two guys to death with baseball bats and put them in a grave, while one is still alive (barely) and bury them is awesomely gruesome!

When bf came home he was still in a bad mood.

We started another chat and he was not happy, but neither was I, because of what I had done.  I dont know why I have done it again.  It seems to coincide when he has spates of bad moods and he has had them too regularly late.  Something in my head must click when he is like that and I do what he hates most.

We did make an agreement quite some time ago last year, that I would stop gambling if he would keep his bad moods in order.  And we both did for a long time and only recently both our bad habits came back.

I did mention to him that he also had gone against what we agreed on.  That we both had.  He agreed.  That was a bit of a “light bulb” moment for both of us.

He went to have a shower and I went to bed.  When he got into bed, he seemed better.  Maybe he had some time to think about the “light bulb” moment in the shower.

He even spooned me!! And seemed liked he was giving me a nice hug too!  Maybe there is hope for us again 🙂


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