A great start to the day :|

I turned my alarm off and figured I’d get up when my bf’s alarm went off.  Well wasnt I wrong!

Mr Black (kitty) woke us up a few times last night, as he does sometimes.  Annoying, but what do you do?

bf was not happy.  His alarm went off and I thought he knocked it on the floor accidently, he got up and turned the alarm off and then threw it down the hallway.

I asked him what was up and he didnt answer, so I asked again and his response was “IM TRYING TO GET SOME FN SLEEP”.  So, I got up and pulled the bedroom door to and proceeded to get ready.

I snuck in to get my clothes after breakfast and went to work.

What a wonderful way to start a day.  bf is such a ray of sunshine.  The “little black cloud” as a friend described him last week.

I am over him treating me and other people like crap, just because he is in a bad mood.  I cant imagine working all day with him like that.  We need to have a talk about it and am not looking forward to it, because it could end things, with his usual rash decisions when he is in a bad mood.

Not looking forward to tonight 😦


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