I just dont see the purpose of life

Work, home, work, home, work to pay the bills, home, eat, TV, internet, sleep.

Then there are the humans that arent very nice people at all.  They dont think twice about walking all over someone or making someone elses life a misery, if it makes them feel better.

The only thing that keeps me going is my kitties.  I adore them and dont want to leave them without a Mum.  Noone else would adore them and look after them like I do.

So I need to hang around to look after them.  Without them, why would I bother.  There isnt anything else keeping me here.

If I broke up with my bf and knocked myself off a few weeks after that.  I think it would take quite some time before anyone realised and then got to the point where they were worried enough to look for me.

If there is a God, what was his purpose?  To create us and then let us kill each other and ourselves???

And my bf, cant even hug me.  I hug him and he says “what do you want”  or “get away”.  He doesnt like people touching him and didnt grow up in an affectionate family.

Im am starved of warmth and affection.

I used to be affectionate, but slowly but surely, he has sucked that out of me.

We dont argue and get along well otherwise, but the lack of affection is slowly starting to get to me.  He loves my kitties a lot.  Even though we are together, we are not together in a close way. 😦

I am flat, life is flat, boring, pointless.  I exist, that is all I do.


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